Nathan Fullerton has been living and breathing digital media for over 20 years. Way back in the 1980’s Nathan attended Carnegie Mellon University, where he majored in Cognitive Psychology. In the early 1990’s Nathan worked at the CMU Robotics Institute Multimedia Lab where he created courseware for advanced classes like Computer Vision, a kiosks for science centers, and started the Just-In-Time Lecture project, which was a spin-off of CMU’s Last Lecture series.

After that he did the “dotcom thing” and started a company that created corporate training content for a variety of major corporate clients. At one point, the company had 13 employees and offices in downtown Pittsburgh. While he never got rich from it, the technology was granted a patent (checking off a bucket list item!) and it did provide an invaluable learning experience.

The end of Nathan’s dotcom experiment was an offer from Apple, Inc. to be the first of their new “Creative” in-store instructors at the Apple Store in Shadyside. As a Creative for Apple, Nathan discovered his true calling - teaching - and has spent the last 15 years helping literally thousands of people do amazing things with their technology. Apple recognized Nathan’s talent by making him one of the first “Creative Guest Trainers” - Creatives who travel to Apple headquarters regularly to train other new Creatives.

Nathan is described by his students as “very patient,” “clear and easy to understand,” “a wealth of knowledge,” and “a fabulous teacher.” (see quotes here)

Nathan has gained a reputation as Pittsburgh’s Final Cut Pro, Motion, and DVD Studio Pro guru and is currently also the “go-to” guy for questions about Photoshop, 3D modeling, video cameras, compression, and just about any other media production topic. Along the way, Nathan has done all manner of freelance work in media production and video (check out some samples) and is always open to interesting projects.

Nathan is Pittsburgh’s only (to the best of my knowledge!) independent Apple Certified Trainer of Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Pro X and is also an Apple Certified Pro in Motion, DVD Studio Pro, Color, and Aperture.

Nathan is also the stay-at-home dad of a 9-year old boy and balances his work schedule with his son’s busy (!!!!) social and school schedule.

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