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Nathan W. Fullerton - Filmmaking, Cinematography, & Video Production

Media Production in Pittsburgh

In addition to giving classes and one-on-one lessons, I do:

  • Video Editing
  • Video production
  • Animation
  • 3D
  • Graphics work (photo restoration, subject beautification, object removal, special effects, etc.)

No job is too big or too small! :-)

Here are some examples of my production work (aka my “reel”). Since they were all done with either a time or budget limitation (you know, “the real world!”) they are a great examples of what one can expect to achieve without a “Hollywood Budget.”

When working on a project I:

  • am very collaborative and open to everyone’s ideas,
  • competent, professional, and task-oriented,
  • communicative and willing and able to explain what’s going on and why,
  • and I always give people more than their money’s worth!

And, of course, my team and I have all the necessities for good production:

  • professional software
  • professional light gear
  • professional audio gear
  • quality high-definition cameras, including new DSLR cameras for that cinematic depth of field
  • skill in operating all the above...
  • and experience!

I have a soft spot for non-profit groups, good causes, and cool projects, so if you fit into one of those categories, don’t be afraid to contact me even if you think that you can’t afford us... We can probably work something out!

Here are those samples again.

call or text 412-450-0622