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Macintosh and Technology Instruction, Classes, & Training in Pittsburgh


Looking to do more with your mac? Confused about how things work with your new Apple?

Would you like blocks of time longer than Apple’s OneToOne service can provide?

Help with applications they can’t support?

Or a lesson in your home or office instead of going to the Apple store?

Or lessons via screensharing?

You’ve come to the right place!

I was the first (yep, for real, the very first!) of Apple’s “Creative” in-store trainers. I have given literally thousands of one-on-one lessons to hundreds of people. I was also regularly sent to Apple headquarters in Cupertino to train new Creatives as well as train the other Creative Trainers! (that’s a mouthful!)

My wife and I had a baby and we decided that I should stay home to be the primary care provider so now I’m available for training that goes outside the scope of what Apple’s OneToOne can provide -- both for private lessons and group classes!

Here are some examples of the typical type of feedback I got when I was at Apple.

My goal is not to impress you with how much I know, but to make sure that YOU know enough to achieve your goals with your computer.

I have been told that I am extremely patient and empathetic, and I will proceed at YOUR pace. I know that I’m doing a good job when you’re able to do things without me!

I am able and happy to teach any subject from Mac basics (“how the heck do you right click on this thing?!?”) to Adobe Photoshop (“what on earth is repoussé?”) to Final Cut Studio (“how do I bring all my project files together to archive a project after it’s complete?”) and even iWork and Microsoft Office. Here’s a (not complete!) list of things I can give one-on-one lessons on:

  • Mac OS X, iWork (Pages, Keynote, & Numbers)
  • iLife (iPhoto, iMovie, Garageband, iDVD, iWeb, iTunes)
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Final Cut Pro (7 and X)
  • Motion
  • DVD Studio Pro

And, of course, I am an Apple Certified Trainer.

Contact me!

Macintosh, iPad, and iPhone Classes in Pittsburgh

Do you have a number of people who all want to learn the same thing? Classes can be as effective as one-on-one sessions if they’re done right! (and occasionally, even MORE effective!)

Training your employees in how to use their Macs, iPads, and iPhones will improve your bottom line through increased productivity and better final products!

I can teach just about any topic and tailor the training specifically to your needs and the level of the participants of the class.

I’ve been teaching professionally since 2004 (and I did corporate training videos for 10 years before that!) and I have taught group classes for Apple, Giant Eagle, Pittsburgh Schools, KDKA TV, the Pittsburgh Historic Landmarks Foundation, PCTV, Cranston IT, and many others. I have received universally good reviews.

My goal is not to impress you with how much I know, but to make sure that YOUR people become more productive with their digital tools.

I also offer free email follow-ups to all my class attendees to help them with any little issues on areas that we covered that didn’t make it into their notes.

No two classes are the same, so give me a call and see how we can make sure your team is using their technology effectively!

Here’s an example of one of my classes for Cranston IT, the topic is “Sharing Pictures and Video with iDVD.” In order to give you an idea of the reality of my classes, the link is to the full 2 hour class! No perfect highlights reel here, I believe in truth in advertising. :-)

Contact Nathan Fullerton.