Friday, February 3, 2012

I’ve started providing training in FCPX for the staff and Community Producers at PCTV 21, the cable access channel here in Pittsburgh.

I’m pretty excited about it because I truly believe that media production is a necessary skill for communication in the modern era and cable access is one of the great ways to get niche messages out there into the world. Now with YouTube and other democratizing distribution technologies, Community Producers can have their message heard around the world, not just in their city or region! Produce for cable access and distribute to the world!

Final Cut Pro X dovetails with this vision nicely. FCPX’s interface is far more accessible to non-professionals while still maintaining the power and flexibility to create everything from news to documentaries to feature-length films. Unlike other non-linear editing packages, FCPX provides a gentle introduction to professional editing and follows that up with a gradual path to more advanced skills. Most NLEs force people to jump in at the deep end of the pool, FCPX lets you wade into the shallow end and work your way to the deep end gradually (if you WANT to go there!).

Check out the PCTV workshop schedule for the dates, which should be announced soon!

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