Monday, July 28, 2014

I was awarded the “Best Directing” award for my 48 Hour Film, “Time Out”!

David Ogrodowski also won the “Best Actor” award for his portrayal of the abusive father.

I started off this year wanting to make a film with “more meat on its bones” than we had done in previous years, and the Everything But the Name “Team Hare” totally delivered!

David Ogrodowski, Sheila Cavalette, Katie DeGenaro, and Hannah DeGenaro all delivered excellent performances. Alex Patho, Jr. came up with fantastic visuals as Director of Photography. Natalie Stewart was immensely helpful as a writer, sounding board, director’s reality check, storyboarder, and “emotion consultant.” And Mike Cornell did his usual excellent job as AD “making sure that stuff didn’t go wrong.” There are at least 10 other people who deserve thanks for their hard work, but nobody is reading at this point any more anyway... ;-)

Now that nobody is reading I’ll give props to my long term collaborator, Edwin Huang for providing a great work environment, constant help and support, and lots of “lively feedback” over the years that has made me much better at all this stuff. On a personal note, “Neener, neener! My team won!” ;-)

At any rate... Thanks to everyone on the team for doing great work! I wouldn’t have gotten this without them!

Now, hopefully the feature film offers will start rolling in... :-)

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