I’ve been making videos for a wide variety of clients for nearly 30 years.  I normally do small-to-medium productions with small crews (sometimes just me…), but I’ve handled a crew up to 30 and I know what I’m doing.  Check out my demo reel here.

I’ve got everything I need to create a feature film — cameras, lights, sound equipment, gaffer’s tape...  And, in fact, I once did!  Scream Park, check it out.  Pretty good for a B movie!  :-)

I’ve won several awards and Scream Park was screened at a few festivals.

My videos have been exhibited in science centers and museums around the world.

Is that enough bragging?  Check out my demo reel to see for real.

This page is like one of Pittsburgh’s two seasons….

What are those, you ask?

Winter and Under Construction! ;-)

This page is not winter. ;-)

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